iVisitor Log


The Visitor Management System shall allow the user to track visitors, assets and deliveries as they enter and exit the facilities. The system shall also support printing of custom designed visitor passes with details like expiration date, visit area, host being visited, and visit purpose.

Visitor Badge

VMS prints the custom badge that helps prints custom employees easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance level

Bar-Code Reader

Automatically-assigned QR codes let visitors re-use their previously-issued badge for a much quicker registration process on subsequent visits

Visitor Image Capture

For security reasons, automatically captures an image of every visitor to your facility and stores it within your customer portal for easy retrieval.

End-of-day Reports

VMS can quickly and automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points and with multiple export options.

Host Notification

VMS sends automatic visitor notifications to the host via SMS, email and voice alerting them of their guest as well as their guest’s pick-up location.

Smart Pre-registrations

Smart Pre-registrations

Hosts can generate pre-registrations to be automatically sent to their visitors including location and meeting details as well as a QR code for easy sign in

Evacuation Mode

VMS assists during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all employees letting them know that there is an evacuation in effect.

CNIC & Passport Scanner

CNIC & Passport Scanner

VMS makes it easy for guests to complete and submit legal documents digitally and for them to be available for efficient future look-ups


ERP software integration


Ivisitor Log visitor management software is very comprehensive and integrate-able with the Enterprise Resource Planning to give you the full access to manage your business


You can also integrate Ivisitor Log visitor management software features with Human Resource Management So, you can manage your employees and their payroll very easily.


You can also integrate this software with finance management system, with the help of this you easily manage your monthly transaction and expenses.